JarAnalyzer Ant Task

Thank you to Alwin Ibba for writing the Ant task for JarAnalyzer. Below is how you can use JarAnalyzer in your build scripts to generate .xml output.

New in JarAnalyzer 1.0, a style sheet (jaranalyzer.xsl) has been included as part of the distribution. The Ant task has been updated to show how to use this style sheet.

Also new in JarAnalyzer 1.0 is the ability to filter packages and jar files from the output. Filtering packages will get rid of the UnresolvedDependencies in the output, and filtering jars ignore those jar files in all dependency analysis and calculation. The Ant task has also been updated to show how to use packageFilter and jarFilter.

<target name="analyzer" depends="previous_target">

   <taskdef name="jaranalyzer"
           <pathelement path="${buildlib}/JarAnalyzer-0.9.2.jar"/>
           <pathelement path="${buildlib}/lib/bcel-5.1.jar"/>
           <pathelement path="${buildlib}/lib/jakarta-regexp-1.3.jar"/>
           <pathelement path="${buildlib}/lib"/>

   <jaranalyzer srcdir="${bindist}" 
       summaryclass="com.kirkk.analyzer.textui.XMLUISummary" packageFilter="java.*;javax.*;" jarFilter="Somejar.jar" />

 <style in="${buildstats}/dependencies.xml" out="${buildstats}/dependencies.html" style="${buildlib}/jaranalyzer.xsl">	


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