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For more control, I've setup a blog on I also blog on Artima, occasionally. For convenience, the artima feed is included below.

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Managing Dependencies - JarAnalyzer

Managing dependencies is important. JarAnalyzer, an open source static analysis tool for .jar files, can help. Think of it as JDepend for jars.

What is good code?

Wow. A lot of debate on quality versus velocity. I'm wondering if we're all on the same page with what we mean by quality.

A Layering Challenge

Can you divide your logical layers into separate deployable units without changing a single line of code? You should be able to!

Deployable Units and Layers

Layering is a powerful architectural pattern. It can be more powerful when using your deployable units as layer boundaries.

Physical Dependencies

I'm curious, how many developers spend time consciously designing and managing relationships between physical entities?

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