• Java Design: Objects, UML, and Process (JOUP) - JOUP emphasizes the power of convergence and agility...the convergence of a suite of distinct yet complementary technologies as a cohesive whole, and how to apply this whole in a very powerful, effective, and agile manner. Certainly, object-orientation, the Unified Modeling Language, and software process each have the potential to contribute great things to the development of software. However, realizing the power of each is often lost as teams becomed bogged down with simply attempting to adopt and integrate them. JOUP explains how Java, objects, UML, and process can be used as a cohesive set of technologies. First by examining each independently, and gleaning their most useful principles. Second, by taking a sample system and progressing through many of the interesting challenges faced in everyday software development. Scroll down on this page to download the first three chapters. Also, check out the reviews on Amazon.

  • No Fluff Just Stuff - 2006 Anthology - A book containing 15 chapters, each authored by a speaker on the No Fluff Just Stuff symposium. Topics include Agile Methods and Practices, Spring AOP, Dependency Management, and much more. The book is now available.

  • From Code to Architecture - Coming soon from Addison-Wesley, the book examines processes and principles that help grow a more flexible, resilient, and maintianable architecture.


  • Agile Injection - A site devoted to documenting and describing the Agile Injection Pattern Language, a developing pattern language for teams interested in realizing the benefits of agile practices. There is no conjecture. The patterns composing the Agile Injection Pattern Language have been applied and proven on real software development teams.

  • Extensible Java - A site devoted to exploring and explaining techniques to develop systems that are more flexible, resilient, and maintainable through process , and principles. A number of heuristics are explained that help reduce physical dependencies. The site serves as the inspiration for the upcoming book From Code to Architecture.

Open Source

  • JarAnalyzer - JarAnalyzer is a dependency management utility written in Java that reports on the dependency relationships between jar files. It's primary purpose is to traverse through a directory, parse each of the jar files in that directory, and identify the dependencies between the jar files. The output is an xml file representing the physical dependencies between the jar files.



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